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Swimming Lesson Ballina

Twin Trees Hotel

Private Swimming Lessons

We offer one on one private swimming lessons at affordable prices for all levels.

If you are a nervous swimmer and would feel more comfortable with an instructor in the water private lessons can help you improve your confidence and your swimming quickly.

Intermediate and Advanced
You might be a confident swimmer but have a specific skill you would like to improve – private lessons will help you reach your goals in a short amount of time.

If you would prefer your child to get one on one attention and learn how to swim or improve what they already know with fast results then private lessons are just the thing for you.

Children’s Group Swimming Lessons

Our children’s terms run in 6 week courses. We have classes on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Each time slot has 6 levels for your child to be assessed and placed in.

Courses running:

1 Child is €60
2 Children are €110
3 Children are €160

Children will be assessed on the 6th week of the swimming lessons to see if they meet the criteria to move up to the next level. They must pass all aspects of the each level in terms of skill and stroke development in order to progress to the next level.